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mummery n : meaningless ceremonies and flattery [syn: flummery]

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  1. merrymaking; the performance of a mummer
    • I say the sewer thought I was dressed to bear a part in the tregetour’s mummery, and so I got admission — Walter Scott, Ivanhoe (1819)

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Pecksniffery, Tartuffery, Tartuffism, abracadabra, acting, affectation, baccalaureate service, buffoonery, business, camouflage, cant, celebration, ceremonial, ceremony, characterization, commencement, convocation, disguise, domino, empty formality, empty gesture, exercise, exercises, false colors, false face, false front, false piety, falseness, formal, formality, function, gag, goody-goodiness, graduation, graduation exercises, ham, hammy acting, hocus-pocus, hoke, hokum, hypocrisy, hypocriticalness, impersonation, inaugural, inauguration, incognito, initiation, insincerity, lip service, liturgy, mask, masque, masquerade, mealymouthedness, mimesis, mimicking, mimicry, miming, mouthing, mumbo-jumbo, observance, office, oiliness, ostentatious devotion, overacting, pantomiming, patter, performance, performing, personation, pharisaicalness, pharisaism, pietism, pietisticalness, piety, piousness, playacting, playing, portrayal, projection, protective coloration, religionism, religiosity, religious ceremony, representation, rite, rite de passage, rite of passage, ritual, sanctimoniousness, sanctimony, self-righteousness, service, slapstick, smoke screen, snivel, snuffle, snuffling, soft soap, solemnity, solemnization, stage business, stage directions, stage presence, stunt, sweet talk, taking a role, tokenism, unction, unctuousness, visor, vizard, vizard mask
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